We specialize in finding simplicity in complicated matters with many parties  involved. It can be a challenging task to look out for airline interests as well as servicing travellers, supporting airport staff, and ensuring on-time performance. For PlusPartner this is the core of our business.

By hiring PlusPartner to supervise your flights, you can feel sure that your affairs will be handled with the upmost loyalty, accuracy, and hard work. 



The service starts prior opening of check-in and continues untill the AC is airborne, and a flight report has been sent to the airline. 

We specialize in optimizing excess baggage collection, thus making sure that your business model is applied locally. Usually, the supervision cost is financed by an increase in charges for excess baggage collection.

Amongst our services are:

  • Check-in supervision
  • Gate supervision
  • Ramp supervision
  • Collection of fees for excess check-in baggage
  • Collection of fees for excess hand luggage at the gate
  • Station management